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#1130 Jake Paul on Andrew Tate, MrBeast, UFC, Logan Paul & Making Millions
#1130 Jake Paul on Andrew Tate, MrBeast, UFC, Logan Paul & Making Millions

#1130 Jake Paul on Andrew Tate, MrBeast, UFC, Logan Paul & Making Millions

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Anthony Pompliano, Jake Paul
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Nov 30, 2022
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What's up everyone? This is Anthony Pompeo. Know most of you know me as pump. You're listening to the pump podcast, simply the best podcast out there. Now, let's kick this thing off. Jake, Paul is a boxer, entrepreneur investor, and content creator. In this conversation, we talked about it all his boxing career. If you would have been a bigger YouTuber than mr. Beast, if you'd stuck with it, what he does with this money today? How much money he makes? Who else he wants to fight? Why? He's got beef with Dana White and much, much more. I really enjoyed this conversation.
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Is for informational purposes. Only. All right, guys, bang, bang. I've Got Jake here with me. I thought a great place to start would be. You started off your career on the internet. You weren't fighting. You are doing anything, you're making content. If you had stuck with YouTube, could you have been bigger than mr. Beast,
no, no, no, why not? He's obsessed with it and it has like such a deep passion for it. And so simply just because of that, you can't beat someone who loves it more than you.
Yeah. Were you obsessed with it? Just he was more obsessed or it was
thing that you knew was a stepping stone to some
other career. He had from, you is a stepping stone and I just did it since I was a kid and I was like good at it and it was making a lot of money and I worked really hard at it. I innovated change the game like of course, but I saw a gap in the market when I first started vlogging where like people aren't doing this in a dope way, they're not telling story lines, they're not connecting all their Vlogs. They don't have a cast of characters. So I definitely was like
In that sense because I was good at it but I knew this wasn't what I wanted to do forever and there was a point where I actively like stopped doing YouTube Just because I couldn't stand it anymore.
Yeah. When you started doing the YouTube stuff, did you have friends are like what the fuck are you doing?
Yeah, yeah I mean at first it was just like so early on like my friends thought it was like funny and we were all like just go around the town and making these crazy pranks and
crazy YouTube videos and just like doing stupid shit all the time and everyone loved it when we would upload the videos and we would get like 300 views which in high school that's like damn near the whole high school and the teachers thought it was funny. They the teachers were like play it on the TV screens and that's really where it all started and we're just bored like my brother and I got a camera and there was nothing else to do in the summer. So we literally
Sitting there outside and we just started pressing record. We'd watch the videos back and think it was hilarious. And then we just really just started it
as a hobby. One of the things I see with a lot of people who end up being successful in creating content on any of the platform's, you pretty much know like hey this video is going to be viral. This one's not. It was how you guys far early on. Like it was almost like this innate ability to understand this is going to play. Or you just have to learn that over time.
Yeah. No. I had to learn it over time. I think one of the videos that we've made
Went viral and once we got that taste of viral success, really okay. A video has to be this good to you know get featured on the homepage of it was Vine at the time and so I set a standard in a bar and then slowly we realized okay like you really have to create genius concepts for people to pay attention here and to share it and for it to get sent around to people. And
We had a little bit of a taste of that we just attacked that you know, that formula every single day. And over time the like now I know what videos are go viral or what won't. But there still is some like Randomness to it though. Through like you can't always, you can't always predict it to a tee but
Susan in the YouTube. God's got a bless you, you know, the CEO of YouTube, I feel like sometimes the algorithm they just like you sometimes they don't. So it's a little bit.
Of a luck of the draw.
Yeah man and it's weird. Now it just like super strict and I saw this coming like a while ago where all the algorithms were changing there was so much more competition and now you have to really like, hack the algorithms and like the first 30 seconds of the video matter so much. It's all about watch time, you know, if you swear in your videos, it's going to go to the less people. It's very like PG.
And it's a science. Yeah it's and that's the science that mr. Beasts also mastered and he curates his videos because you know, you have to okay, you have to watch till the end to see who's going to get the money, who's going to get the prize, but the whole entire time, it's fun. Because people are getting eliminated and so, his style of video, you know, you start watching it big, you know, bold capture, its curated for a younger. Audience is going to sit there and watch the whole
Sure thing. And that's that's he's a numbers guy. When I when I first met him the biggest thing I was surprised by what she just is like mathematician you all that.
Is there a similarity between him studying like game film, essentially of other YouTubers, or even himself and what you're doing now with boxing and kind of how obsessive you are with, trying to be the best boxer in the world, for sure.
Yeah. And that goes back to the passion and the drive and the desire to be the best. And I think in boxing, I started you know late. So there's this
I have uphill battle and that's where the obsession comes from. And it's, it's something. It's a sport that you can never master. And to me, that is exciting because you could always learn something new. You could always add to your game and everyone doesn't think, you know, I could become a world champion, do you think that I know that I know that I will, and to me it's just going to be like a fun, fun journey and a crescendo to this
Great already crazy boxing story but definitely accredited all to that hard work in that people don't realize how obsessed I am with it. Like I'm really a student of the game I have three coaches watching me every moment while I'm practicing in and they correct. You know if my toe position is not in the right spot the angles which I attack how I'm turning my punches over what?
Nations and just down to the finest details of watching back film every single time after sparring, which a lot of pro boxers don't do a lot of pro boxers. Interestingly enough don't even film their sparring sessions and even fewer of them, watch it back with their coaches going. S by S, you know, depicting and changing and talking about what was going on in that film and then doing that on a consistent basis and then even
Watching, I watch other Fighters with my coaches and we just talked about everything that they're doing. What
did your training regimen look like on the boxing side, right? Like I think I've talked to you enough now. Where I think I understand you really are obsessed with it, but if you sat down with someone and was like, let me prove that to you like walk through the daily training regimen because I think that speaks volumes to like the work you're doing when the cameras aren't actually
on. Yeah, yeah. So
you're literally laughing because you know, that it's fucking insane. That's
Like, okay, so and then let's just take like a Monday in camp at this like that the starter Camp. It would be, you know, wake up right away like have some oatmeal and then usually we would go to the boxing gym box for like an hour and a half to two hours and that's shadowboxing hitting them, it's hitting the the speed bag, maybe hitting the heavy bag,
Bag, you know, going over talking about stuff and doing certain drills with the coaches. And then after that, I would typically do a cool down stretch. I like a stretch therapist for 30 minutes and then I go into this red light bed that we have with Like Oxygen to get rid of like my oxidative stress and sit in the red light therapy bed.
And then go home. Get another meal taken, our sorry, ice bath at home. Ice bath Hot Tub at home. Then get another meal. Take a nap. Wake back up at night. Go back and for the strength and conditioning workout which is could usually be like three to five mile, jog plus like a weightlifting session so it'd be like back and buy.
Eyes or if it's legs, we're Lifting for like an hour hour and a half and then ABS, we do abs after that. And then neck workouts as well. Neck workouts are like a big part of our regime, just having a strong. Next you can get hit in the face and then another cool down stretch.
After that o hand-eye coordination to. So we would do like speed drills with a catching tennis balls and stuff like that. And then another cool down back again, into the red light, the red light bed and then back home, ice bath again, shower e do some business then go to sleep. So
when you started, let's say you're at a zero world champion is at n. Where do you think you are right now in that kind of Journey to being good enough to be a world champion?
That's a good
question. I would say I'm probably at a seven or eight.
Probably more like a seven and a half and exponentially growing. Because once you understand the game and you, you know, put in those 10,000 hours which is what I'm like approaching. You can make my Newton adjustments and you have the muscles. You have you know the cardio you understand the ring you're comfortable. You fought in front of 20,000 people that's, that's half the battle, it's half mental. So mentally I'm a world champion, fit physically, my the Box.
In is just catching up and it's not going to be that much longer but I Spar against world champions like former world champions as well. Steve Cunningham, he was like a three-time world champion, Chad Dawson, three-time world
champion. What happens when you guys are spiral your sparring against people who obviously are very skilled who have had such great success in boxing. Is it like Oquawka, hang with them? Are you knocking them out? Like, what does that look like they knocking you out? What was happening? No, it's I'm hanging with them and
Sometimes I win rounds, sometimes they will get around, but they're not, they're not in their Prime, right? So they're like, form their former world champions, but I've gone up against the best of the best, like, current people who are in the top ranks and I always hang with them. And people like can't believe that, you know, you even see like when I announced, I was sparring with Chad Dawson. All the comments were like ha ha. Like man, it's it must be so nice.
Nice. Like Chad's taking it easy on them. Like if you actually sparred Chad Dawson he would get knocked the fuck out and it really comments. Yeah. Yeah for sure I read a lot of stuff, I think it's good to know the opinion of everything that's out there and I think it I let it feel me and I think it's I think it's funny because basically what my boxing career has come to is if you can't convince confused, right? So like
they the people who watch me can't even fucking believe that I'm beating these people. So they say it's rigged, right? They say my fights are rigged. They can't believe it. So the fact and I understand where they're coming from, because it shouldn't be possible. No, boxer. In the history is done this. No one's taking on this tough of opponents, this early on, in their career, they usually build up, 25 fights, then fight someone tough for the first time. So I take it almost as a compliment where they seriously like can't believe.
How good I am. And so, they make up lies. And are they rigged? No, no, no, no, I would go to jail. And it to me, it's an, they put, like, showtimes reputation on the line to and Anderson Silva. Like, you really think the goat of MMA is gonna take a couple extra dollars to look like get embarrassed in front of the world. Like,
these are guys who have pride who they're going in there because they want to win. And and is there an element of like some of the people you step in the ring with the like all right fine I'll take like, I'll shut the YouTuber up. Is that a little bit of what drives? I'm sure. I do it.
Sure. 100% And they all think they all thought they were going to be that person you know, even Tyron Woodley. Really thought he was going to beat the shit out of me and then they just get matched that they get hit with this. This kid who is fucking Relentless and doesn't back down.
Owner and can handle the moment and I hit fucking hard, you know, since my first sparring session the coaches were like, what the fuck you've never boxed before. Like how are you punching, like this? And so you get in there without the headgear and the 10 ounce gloves. And I'm a real problem too, like for people and I think every single person I get in there with is shocked, I seen it with Anderson Silva to. I really think he was like, all right, like
Gigs up. I'm gonna be the guy to take this guy out
because he would have been Legend status than, right. Like there's some of these guys who have their, the one to stop you. There is almost like, okay, I catapult to the next level and like I did it for the sport to
some 100% like I, you know, MMA Community definitely doesn't want me to keep on winning and I don't I don't think most, I think, the boxing Community is changing. Like I think they're starting to understand that I'm good for the sport, great for the sport and you know, bringing new eyeballs and really
Respecting the sport. So I think the boxing Community is like, starting to change their tune but the MMA Community definitely doesn't want to see me continue to knock out their goats, right? Like Tyron Woodley was one of the best welterweights, ever Anderson. Silva was the greatest MMA fighter of all time. So
what's up with you and Dana White? You guys don't like each
other. I mean,
It's nothing like really personal. I guess, I just don't like how he treats his Fighters and he's done vindictive things now to like, try to fuck up my fights. And like
what he,
he was basically sending cease-and-desist letters to my team about the content that I would had posted with him in it, trying to get like threatening to sue me.
Me, unless I took the content down like, promoting the fight, basically. And then we think that he was the one to send that video to the commission of Anderson, saying he got knocked out in sparring. So that like, really, like fucked up the pay-per-view and, and the ticket sales, like, you saw all, the pre-buy numbers, like, tank the week of the fight because everyone thought the fight was off because Anderson put out or had an interview like months.
Got months before saying he got knocked out inspiring. And that's a, that's a risk. So the commission basically freaked out and ever. There was rumors that got out and everyone thought the fight was basically going to be canceled.
Would you fight Dana White? Like if it came down to it and whether it was pay-per-view or it was for like charity or something and it was going to be the one of the biggest fights of all time from our audience standpoint. Would you get in the ring with them? For sure. Yeah,
100%. Would you want easily?
Easily. He knows that like, he wouldn't fight me. Like, it would be, it would be a lose-lose situation for him.
So you would knock the, in a whiteout easily easily.
He was a cardio kickboxing instructor, that's that's how he started the like a dude with the microphone, like yelling at people in the classes at like a LA Fitness. How
long did it take you to figure that out? I know you went deep in the internet for that. Yeah. No, it's my urine.
Your Meme Lord, I got it. But like wait, talk to me. How did you figure that out? No sir
someone told me that there were like, yo, like when I started feuding with him, someone texted me was like, yo, this guy started as a fucking cardio kickboxing instructor, like, he wasn't even the real person behind the UFC. It was all the fifty, two brothers, that did all the hard work and brought in the capital about this guy. Just got lucky at the right, place? Right time. And then I found the picture though, of him actually being the cardio kickboxing instructor, and it's hilarious, but
But that one took me a little bit to dig
up. Do you agree that the UFC wouldn't be what it is today without Dana? Or do you think that he actually got lucky?
No, I don't. I don't think he got lucky. I think he's a really smart guy and I ever suspect for what he did for the sport of MMA. People think I don't like the UFC, I love the UFC, I grew up watching the UFC, I think it's a great organization, they put on Austin fights, I love half of the UFC, fighters are my friends like but they need to pay their Fighters more and that's really
The Riff and the back-and-forth came from because they only pay their Fighters, 16 percent of the revenue whereas in the NFL and NBA the fighters get 50, 50 percent
could the math work, could they make? Could they pay 50%, make them,
yes, yes, yeah, no, the UFC's, the most profitable Sports organization in the world and it's because they pay their Fighters like shit. And only the superstars get paid decently like this.
Superstar should be getting paid more but the heavyweight champion. Francis, Logano gets got paid like eight, I think, 600,000 or 500,000 for his last fight, right? The heavyweight champion of the world in boxing.
Tyson Fury got paid like 32 million dollars for his last fight. So the fact that they don't have a long-term Health Care in the most dangerous sport in the world and these Fighters are risking their lives. And some of them could barely afford their gym bills like to me. That's where I want to see the change and that's why we're working on the United Fighters Association with Anderson. Because I know how hard these Fighters work and how much
Sacrificing and it just sucks to see them getting taken advantage of. And and like I said, they're the most profitable Sports organization in the world because they don't have to pay their Fighters and these Fighters are basically enslave contracts and the crazy part about it is like the UFC fighters they have to pay for all their own shit. You as a fighter, you pay for your own meals, you pay for your own coaches, you pay for your own sometimes, travel, depending and so they're getting paid like shit.
And you know the they have to pay for all of those things where as you know, in the NFL they're getting paid a fuck ton of money and all of their coaches are paid for their gyms are paid, for their transportation is paid for their meals are paid for. So just this, it just this really backwards thing,
and would you fight in the UFC? Like, if they gave you a contract, would you fight
hours? If if it meant, they raised their fighter, minimum pay 250
Dollars per fight and increase the revenue that they paid their fighters from 16% to at least like 30 or 40. Like it doesn't have to be 50 but they could literally double Fighters pay and still be the most profitable profitable Sports organization in the world. So if it meant yeah changing and helping the fighters I would fight in the UFC. For sure. Could you win for sure? For sure. I mean, obviously if I went up against Like A Champion but
But if I had someone, you know, who is evenly matched and experience, I know, I would, when I just have, I just have a winners winners mindset and I would take the training. Very seriously, I have a wrestling background. I know a lot of jujitsu just from wrestling and rolling around on the mat. So, I would really just have to learn the kicks because I have the boxing, so I could definitely get really good
at it.
Seen, you post a couple of times Joe Rogan being like basically, Jake can fight, right? Yep. How important has his endorsement or his kind of positive comments about your actual abilities. Forget all like the bullshit and the marketing, all that. But like your actual boxing abilities, how important is it to win over people like a Joe Rogan or others with big audiences that understand the game of fighting to help change the way that people look at you in
this word? No, it's it's, it means a lot and and it's needed for sure.
Sure. And he has so much credibility, I think probably more credibility than anyone, you know, if there's a top-three credibility and fighting list Joe Rogan's, damned at the top of it, if not number two or three and he has that big audience but he gets it, you know, he's seen more fights than anyone. He knows how hard it is to knock someone down. Like Anderson Silva, how hard it is to knock out Tyron Woodley, so he sees what I'm doing.
And he's right, like he's basically said if I wasn't a YouTube kid and I was just a young boxing Prospect beating all of these people, everyone would be like what the fuck this kids can punch, like he can knock people out. This is going to be a world champion, but for some reason they just say, oh, it's fake fights are rigged. This is bullshit. And I even see people say oh Jake is pain, Joe Rogan to say this and like to me like it just gone.
It was a slippery slope of like disbelief and people just discrediting everything that I have worked for in the sport. And the slope is so much more slippery or now and there's really no coming back from that. I think people will just always some of the people that I call them the Sheep. Like, the people just believe, whatever they're told or just get swayed by other people's opinion. The she
Will I think always be like, oh, no, it's fake. All the, like, I don't know when they're gonna,
Credit me. Yeah.
It well I guess I've been a question whatever. Is there something that you think that you could do where they be like? Alright fine, fuck it out wrong. Like he is good. Is it literally you have to become the world champion and anything short of that is like, oh we told you he sucked and it was a fad and it was all
rigged. I mean, I think I'm fighting a professional boxer, you know, and I've tried multiple times and they all backed out. So people just still say, like, oh, fight someone your age, fight a professional boxer, and it's like what they don't realize is Tommy.
My Fury is a 10 times easier fight than Anderson Silva, why? He doesn't have the experience. He's never been in a tough fight. He's only fought people who are taxicab drivers, the the dudes like isn't tough. He's not, he's not good, he's never been hit, he's never been tested. Not only that he's only fought in 16 round fight. All of his fights before that were four rounds. So, like he's never even gone an 8-round fight. So, it's like fight a robot like this guy.
His manners and Silva's, a ten times more real boxer with who's been in there with the best strikers in the world. But for some reason, again the sheep. Look at the title professional boxer and they think that that person will be better than Anderson Silva. So
is there somebody in the boxing world that you're scared of or that you don't want to fight?
I mean, anyone in my weight class I don't give a fuck. Yeah, like I will go in there and give everyone a run for their money and that's, that's right now, you know, you give me two more years. I'm getting exponentially better each year. I have the best coaches. I have the best training, regimen regime. I have the, the best everything around me, so I'm exponentially getting better and I want it more than then all of these Fighters because
They have been doing this their whole life and that they're there. I guess going through the motions and just doing what they've always done but I'm new. I'm the new kid on the Block. I have a lot to prove. I have people say, oh, you have a chip on your shoulder, like I have two chips on my shoulder one on each side, I'm hungry, I'm Relentless and I will show the world that I'm a world champion. How much of this are you interested in making money versus
Boxing. I'll give you a perfect example. You could go in your next fight. You could fight somebody who's a professional boxer who like the boxing world would respect, but maybe doesn't draw as much money as say you go and you fight and Route 8. Yeah, who people like look you for time kickboxing champion like he's no slouch either, right? But there's way more money probably in fighting an Andrew tape because of pay-per-view ticket sales. Like the height that can be around it, almost more like a marketing event. And that's not to say that the fight itself wouldn't be real but it would be viewed very differently. Like he's
Fighting nature tapers. He's fighting a professional boxer. Yep. How do you make those decisions? Like how do you decide should? I do something for the sport of boxing? Or should I do something? That's going to make me money?
I've always leaned on doing something for the sport of boxing and, and learning people's respect. And going with a tougher opponent, always, they just haven't gotten in the ring with me. They've pulled out twice. Are they scared? Why not gonna guess? I believe. So. And even now Tommy Fury is creating all
Smoke and mirrors, and he's ducking. He wouldn't respond to my DM. I sent him a DM, like, you know, you have the offer in your inbox. Like let's make this fight happened for the fans and he goes to Jen. He's just hasn't even opened it. And it's like are you dear Madam right now? You know. Yeah. Like I'm sending you off for tomorrow either need to do this or move on for good as the fans are fat are fed up. Look at the comments in your tweets. This is a big fight and now it's on the edge of being irrelevant. Your dad claims
as you want this, you say you want this and I want this so sign up. He didn't respond. And it's like all of these smoke and mirrors II don't at this point. I think he's just playing us to just get the brand recognition out of the, who's the
person that's on, like, I call like goat Mountain for you. Right? Who's the person that if you fight your, like, I will not. I can't believe I'm in the ring with this person and like, let's fucking go.
I think Canelo and
People like where the two biggest names in the sport and two biggest pay-per-view draws in the sport. So not only is it a massive fight, but because of our Styles and how we match up styles, make fights, right? So because of how we match up people go in and do it will be like a hawk and I was gonna kill Jake and Ella is gonna kill Jake, but I know I can win and I'm going to give him a hell of
a run for his money and
that would be just like an iconic iconic fight to make and and just for the generations and I don't know, I think I would just shut the internet down and I know I can win. So you could be Canelo.
Yes. Does he know that or you think he thinks he can whup your
ass? I think he thinks he can whip my ass and that I'm just a YouTuber
Have you tried to fight him yet? We have you guys, tried to put a contractor from,
we've talked to his lawyer and I think he's getting to a place where he sees like how serious I am. I think at first everyone thought this was a joke that I was just my mouth was bigger than my actions at first and now my actions are matching up to what my words are. And so I think now people really have to take that seriously and especially if it's a year from now, especially if it's two years from now.
I'm sparring people that were in both of their training camps for when they first his last fight, Triple G, I'm sparring, triple G's sparring partners. I'm sparring Canelo sparring partners Ellis, like all of these guys, I forget the other dudes named Sergei, but I'm responding people from both of their camps and there came out to my camps,
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And again that cellmaxx digital.com pump. So when you look at a fight like that, right? Canelo's this massive name, got immense respect within the boxing World. We've seen these, like, I'll call him crossover events. I've seen McGregor and Mayweather, a probably the biggest one, where I remember watching them promote the fight and they're like laughing at each. Other throwing the money, they're like playing this game which on one hand you're like got it. That's part of what they're doing and they're promoting it well and people going to buy this pay-per-view on the other.
I'm like that in like a fucking joke when they're in the ring with each other, and they were really punching each other. Yeah. And so, is it a similar type of draw here, where you're very good at marketing? You're very good at using the internet and doing a lot of this stuff. Canelo has a respect to the boxing world and so like you kind of clash the stories together but they're actually would also be a really good fight in the ring because of the Styles and kind of where you guys are both coming
from. Exactly know, for sure. And I think all of it would just be an entertainment spectacle, and I don't think anyone's gotten into canelo's head.
Ed. And I think that would be like part of it for me as I think I could get into his head. I think I would win the mental battle. So all your lives, you were the
What say it again, you were the robot would get in his head. Yes, yes. Yes. The the problem boss. Yeah. Want the big one that follows? Yes. Yes. Yes, the jet. Yeah, the giant robot that you have follow you
Do you have other robots? I have two robots.
Both of them.
Giant ones. Yes,
what one's a better, but it's the better. I guess mascot, and then ones my mascot. What
about your brother? So, your brother fought Mayweather? And I think a lot of people in this, when I saw the videos, I'm like, most of them. Like, there's no way these guys are going to fucking fight, right? But like, great marketing, awesome. Grabbing the attention the internet, and they got in the ring. I was at the fight and I was like, damn, it's the fourth round. It's the fifth round. Six round like Logan's, still coming out of the corner. He's still fighting and I think it kind of
surprise people a little bit and there was questions, right? People like, oh, is it real, is it not whatever, but then to see your brother do that. Now, he's gone on to the WWE and he's doing things where if you look at like a highlight reel, you people are just like, how the fuck is this guy able to do such atletic moves? And so early in his wrestling career, you both seem to be kind of attacking related but different Industries in this like fight related game. Is that just because you guys were athletic or like, what is it? That is allowed both of you to be so successful.
Yeah, I think it goes back to we've always loved Combat Sports and we were both wrestlers but also were entertainers and that's why I think like boxing, you know, fits me perfectly every everything about it. Not just to fight, but I'm an athlete at heart. That's what I started out doing. And people tend to forget that I was jogging before school. You know, at five in the morning, staying after wrestling practice to lift weights, I won the hardest worker on my
Wrestling team award. My brother was a state state. Third place at State as a wrestler, his senior year, Allstate football. So boxing fits me perfectly and the WWE fits Logan perfectly, he can backflip, he could do the splits. He picked. He's a quick learner. He's acrobatic. He was even when we were kids. He was a really good on the trampoline like he could do all the tricks and so he that's why
Feels comfortable flying in the air. We literally had like a tree house as a kid that we were jump off of onto the trampoline. And so he naturally the kid was practicing for this is whole damn life. And for me, I love the, you know, the outfits that the dressing, The Fight Night, the walk out. So I think we both finally just found our passions and Logan fits perfectly within the WWE and I fit perfectly within the
The sport of boxing.
Let's talk money. How much money do you expect to make on a yearly basis? I think the public numbers, 50 million, I think it's pretty accurate of what you made last year. Is that something, where if you keep going and doing what you're doing? You think you'll be making 50 million bucks every year just fighting or like how do you think about that? Yeah I mean that's
like if I fight like three times a year which is like a really busy busy schedule and it's proven to be harder now to get people into the
Thing to sign up to fight me. But yeah if I can keep that pace of fighting three times a year then that that should be the number and and that's with like big fights. That's if there's no like Mega fight
where you could earn 50 million first, single Mega exactly
exactly. But the number seems to be like 10 to 20 million dollars per fight depending on how it performs.
Okay? What do you do with the money? Like you and I have
Talked in private, you're not an idiot. It's not like you're taking the money and go to the club and just throwing it out, you know and letting anyone grab it what are you actually doing from an investment standpoint? Are you making those decisions? Do you have a team that's doing that? How do you like operate with money once you've made it?
Yeah, it's a good question. Definitely doing a lot of Investments through my fund. I'm the biggest LP within my own fund and we do we invest into so many different types of companies, a lot of stuff around crypto. But also,
Just consumer in general consumer products. So put a lot of money there. Put a lot of money into things like eith, Bitcoin B&B. And yeah, just have always done that for years. Now was very early on, but I bought Bitcoin when I was, like, 16 years old. Why'd you buy it? My friend told me to buy it, and I had like, he's my, he's in my genius friend.
Like who's older millionaire? And he's like, this is going to be the future and I was like, all right, sure. How do I buy some corn Hood coinbase? Like so just have always liked followed that. And then recently been just putting a lot more money into into Morgan Stanley like so more long-term, you know not as big of yields and you know just like a slower growth.
with like, what like a private bank team or something like, what managers. Yeah, wealth managers. What is that conversation? Like like I would love to hear you talking to them about investing. Are they telling you what to do or you tell them? Not at school plan, but I want to do this other thing. Like, how does
that work? No, they're mostly telling me what to do for, like non risky. Okay, Investments. So I
kind of you take the risk yourself, but yeah, but I'm gonna take the risk and then they'll take care of those safe stuff.
Exactly. And they tell me what their game plan.
An is and I'm like, well maybe we should tweak it a little bit, but like on that side of the, I'm good at venture capital, I don't really know about the stock market and all that stuff so that's why I went to them to handle that. And they came like highly recommended. There's like a team of five of them and we just drew calls like every quarter so they're like, all right, we will put in more money here. I'll put it in there that it uh, this is when the markets going to we think is going to go like this and then boom. Like did
you interview that like you were like, hey, I might go with this.
My goal with this team or did you just take the first one that somebody
recommended know, I got like three people three different teams that were like highly recommended and I talked to all of them and they just like fit the best personality-wise. Yeah. And just like their capabilities and I think like trustworthiness. When you're giving someone that much money you're like yeah you want to feel good about
it. You do a lot of venture investing in one of the things that found her specifically.
And they like the idea of one if they have investors that they can reach out to and get help for and things like that. To also is, if you've got a big audience like you do, there's advantages right. When they make the announcement of the fundraise, you've got a name that people recognize you've got a platform that you can promote them if it's that type of business or whatever. What's your relationship like with the founders? You got a lot of shit going on, right? You got a whole team. What is that? Like when you make investments in some of these companies?
Yes. So my partner Jeff and I we
Each company is different, but it just really depends what they need. And sometimes we take a passive role and sometimes and most of the time we know whether or not we want to be passive or not. So, sometimes we're just money and, you know, maybe they call and like, need a connection or an intro. Like sure, no problem. But then some companies we could like actively really help. And so
Those ones. It could be, you know, we get advisory a lot of times we get advisory on top of our investment and we could help them with their marketing or just advice or taking like a consultancy position, helping them with their branding. A lot of times I get on and like, tell these people, I alright this you could be doing this better on social media you could be you know, this Tick Tock needs to be changed, you need a different editor, you need a better logo, you know, your slogans.
Socks, like, whatever it might be, but we do get active in certain companies where we know we could provide a lot of value in. Sometimes I do commercials for them. Sometimes I'll post on my Twitter, my Instagram, you know, backing them. So it really just depends
I want to ask about three companies, specifically one you guys bought shares in Endeavor yeah but that was the UFC.
Whose idea why did you do it? And did anything actually come out of you guys advocating for them changing stuff,
we did it to be able to be a part of their monthly. Or I guess its quarterly update calls just in like know what's going on with their shareholders like how much they're paying UFC fighters. We were on a call and like someone did bring up that they wouldn't let us talk but that someone did talking.
Uh yeah crazy someone did bring up to them. Like what about like Jake Paul and pain Fighters more and you need to be paying Fighters more and so there is an actual like was their response that he just like brushed the question off and was like the word on doing that right now. I don't like just brush it off like a professional but duck the duck to the question but
I think the idea is like we're trying to find all of these ways to actually create change and attacking it from all angles and and that's that's really where the idea stemmed from.
Andrew is a company that is kind of very cutting-edge Innovative when it comes to defense Technologies under the all invested their what was the thought process? Like why are you excited about that space?
Yeah, I just thought it's super cool. Super futuristic.
Eric the, the founder lucky Palmer like has a ton of track record history of success. I met him at a party. Once he was like a super cool guy, we shared interests and hobbies,
and do I want to ask? What hobbies and interests? He
collects cars. Okay. And so, like, I don't have like a big enough garage space yet to collect cars, but like I'm slow, I have kind of a car collection like I like 10 10 cars and
And slowly, slowly growing if I can make more space. But, but when I'm older, I'm gonna have like, a hundred fucking cars.
What about your favorite one?
So that's not so tough to
say, only like classic cars. Like I
like all. Yeah, classic cars. Like I love with the Thunderbird. I want to get that one day. That it's my grandpa had it. And so I was just like always loved it growing up but also like supercars to like I want the Porsche
The Porsche 918 Spyder. That's like, my
my goal. What do you drive on a day-to-day
basis? I mostly drive a Lincoln Navigator because it's like more low-profile. A lot of times if you're like driving around like a fucking Lambo or some crazy shit like you're just drawing, it unwanted attention to yourself and at a certain point of Fame you, you know, you just do the opposite.
Draw attention to yourself. You're like, fuck this. I don't want to be seen by anyone. I don't want 100 people that ask me for pictures like tinted windows car that blends in with everyone and I'm going to go about my daily business and hopefully no one bothers me.
What about the golf cart? Is it a stock golf cart? I had a nice
ride. It's it's technically not stock. I got aftermarket two seats. I got a pint, a racing. Stripe down the side and it's the fastest one. The fastest available one, it goes like 35. It's quick. It's quick.
But it's a Polaris gem, great. Great vehicle. Puerto Rico. Yes. I'm whipping that shit non-stop.
All right. Is it weird being famous? Like when people are coming up to you, do you enjoy it or you? Now I hate. I was cool when I was younger but like it's getting old now. How do you think about the
fame? It all depends, it's definitely weird. Like I forget sometimes when I'm in training, camp for a while and I'm just like, I don't see a lot of people. Yeah. And so like you forget your Fame. I forget I'll literally go out in public and
Like oh fuck. Like like it because I'm so, you know, alone and by myself in training camp and then it just like, it's like a culture. I don't know, it's like a shock to the body going out in public like that and I, it depends man. I really enjoy it when the kid. It's a kid, most of the time, like, when the kids get excited and you could tell, they're, actually a fan and you know that to me is super cool. It's the people who are like
Disrespectful or like, they're not actually your fan. They just want to take a picture to be like I suck at. Yeah, I saw him or whatever and they could be they could be super rude, man. I had like, probably one rude encounter with someone any time I'm in public. Like once a day, if I'm in a public area, like, for on a repeated basis, people just like don't treat you. They think you're a zoo animal and they're like, come here like take a picture with me and like they
Don't even say please or just like demanding it. Some people either like I had dozens and dozens of people walk up. Boom, take a picture without saying anything. I'm like just standing there and I'm like and they just walk away. Looking at their phone like
zombie King,
real like it's a fucking I don't know, NPC or some shit.
And all this even look at you. Just looks in the phone, takes the picture and then
just walks away looking at it. Like, I don't know, but but man, I like it's it's really awesome. When I can make someone's day and
do you get people who are like our if you go to bars or you're out at night or whatever, you go to a club and event whatever? And because they are like, oh you think you're a boxer? Like I'll fuck you up and people start talking shit if they're
drunk, it doesn't happen.
Happen. As often as you think the number one thing that happens is, dude.
Walking like if we're walking in a public place and it's like a crowded area. Let's say like a mall. The number one thing that happens is there's always the wood dude who's clearly walking the opposite direction. That's
like you're a pussy. Like what keeps you? And like there's it's
usually like in a group so you can't you don't really know like watch one set it. Yeah
you should do what Nate Diaz does he just like, you know, kind of like flexes at everyone? Yeah. And he's bucking like me.
Solomon where the guy's like, drink, what up in the air? Yeah,
right. Yeah. I just, I don't care. I think it's funny like when they're like, you're a pussy. Like, I think most guys like, I don't need to prove myself. Like, I'm like, all right, but like that, that moment for him in front of his friends, like, made his debut him cooler to his friends because he said you're a pussy to Jake Paul. Offend me, like, I just I don't care and I'm not like a hostile person. Like I leave it all.
All in the ring.
So what's the craziest situation? You find yourself in from a fan perspective, whether it's, you met somebody. I can't believe I'm meeting you, whether it was like, oh shit, let's get the hell out of here. Like, I'm in danger. What was the craziest thing?
I think a moment that stands out was this past New Year's, we are on this boat in st. Barths. And like, there was just an absurd amount of celebrities on it. Like Leonardo DiCaprio, Mike Tyson Drake,
Meek Mill, little baby, the list goes on. I can't, I forgot, I don't know. There
was just a who's who of
the world? Yeah, and it was like this like casual sort of party. It wasn't like a rager. And so everyone was kind of just talking and like there was no ego and we're on this, probably one probably 1 billion dollar yacht and it was just kind of surreal. I was like, why
the fuck people here and people?
I knew who you were.
Yeah, no, I was yeah, and I was trying, I was chatting with all of them had like a really good combo with with Drake and then talk to Mike Tyson for a little bit. And what's he
think about you fighting?
He loves it. He loves. He loves me and I love him. He's such an awesome guy. So much wisdom. And he just gives me tons of advice and just support, always and publicly to, he's backed me and talked about my skill. And, you know, to me that
Means the most is like when the legends of the sport are like this, kids legit what he's doing for this sport is great. It's easy to like, get lost in the, in the comments and in the Sheep hating on you. But the guys, like Roy Jones jr. Holyfield Tyson all of the Legends have showed love, even Tyson Fury and current active Champions and Anthony Joshua was just with him and use, you know,
Singing singing praises. And that, to me, means more
and is there anybody who's a legend in boxing? Who is like, this is horrible for the sport. Like fuck, this guy, they are aware of, at least, I don't think so. You don't think so. I haven't seen it and I paid super super close attention. But like I don't think there's someone who like you hang your hat on, you're like that person hates. The fact that Jake Paul's bringing attention to boxing,
you know? I don't I haven't really seen that.
Which, which I guess is like kind of The Tell-Tale sign, you know, if the your peers respect you then. Yeah, that's the most important as part
of Fame. You're so like, a relatively young guy, you're married. What's going on our girls? I hit you up in like demon, you and shit or I was
going well, we're Julie and I aren't married, but we look like not what we look like we're married, though. I was damn near.
You should just say you're married. Yeah.
Julia, if you're watching this,
are you going to get married? Gonna get married? Yeah, yeah, probably know that or is she just find that out? Listen to this?
No, no, she knows that okay. She like has been telling me for the past three years.
Is she going to propose to you?
That's what I told her. I was like, if you want, if you want to get this done,
just get it better, be careful unit. Like your next fight you're going to be done with the fight, not
Dude, I should turn around stealing
people's money. That's hilarious, it's hilarious
but a girl's I hit you up and stuff and like just doing all the shit that people would expect if you're famous and you're on the Internet or what's going on.
Yeah, for sure. I mean I don't I don't look at it though. Yeah. Like I think it's more like in public they like to try to come up and talk to me but then Julia just like looks them in the fucking eyes and they go away. I've met her and it strikes me that she's not playing around. Yeah, she doesn't.
Play around at all. She's almost fought like three girls before really. She yeah she definitely hit one girl before.
Could she win a match? She's strong as
fuck. Yeah, yeah. She's really strong to me that she's Filipino and so I always joke that like our kid is going to be the next Manny Pacquiao. So and she's strong like
And has long arms. So it's really it's looking good for my kid and his boxing career.
I'm just wondering if we're going to see like a card where it's Logan, verse someone U-verse, someone and then Julie a steps in the ring.
She they like offered her to step in. I don't think she wants to actually box. Yeah. But but they've offered her money? Yeah. Yeah. They said no. Yeah.
All right. When we think about kind of moving forward better. You've spent a lot of time on is a business. I think you invested in the
Shal business, simple bet, you're right. And then you guys also launched better, which, like, a consumer, betting app. Why are you spending so much time? Money energy. And frankly, just like attention on something in the bedding space.
Yeah, so basically I want to change Sports and not just boxing but just Sports in general. And there's so many that's such a big task, right? But I think and I love
I've always loved Sports of always love watching sports, talking about sports, my friends. And I think there's a, there's a gap in the market where there's so much room to innovate on like what would ESPN look like if it was launched today and that's that that in and of itself is like a super intricate conversation, but I think that sports betting and the sports Media company that we're creating together can just make Sports more fun.
And makes Sports better.
also, I've always wanted to like put all my eggs in Steam behind a company since I was 18 years old. I was like, what is my, you know, proper 12. What is my tear amount of tequila? You know what is the fifty cents? Vitamin water run. Yes, Iraq Prime.
Happy dad's for the Nook, boys. Mr. Beast is doing the food. What is mine? And
The Stars just aligned and so many perfect ways. And I am a huge believer that like the sports betting industry is like, just at its start. It hasn't really been made fun for kids, my age like 21 to 30 year olds and that's the audience or trying to make sports betting, like a social thing because me and my friends, we never really talked about sports betting, and it's for a multitude of reasons that some states that you're in, it's not legal, right?
Right? But that's being ahead of the market, right? So, that's also a good thing is, is getting in before 50 states, have sports betting legal, and that opportunity growth is, is massive and there's, you know, 10 or probably five, multi-billion dollar companies who, in my opinion, aren't doing that, good of a job of getting users and brand affinity.
The apps are clunky and hard to use and when I first use the better demo and I met Joey the CEO, I was jumping out of my chair, having fun sports betting for the first time and making it simple like no one knows about like the - 850 plus 3,000 moneyline this over aren't like all of that stuff is just makes the barrier to entry like way too hard.
And I also just saw so much room to grow there because I saw these Brands who weren't doing a good job, and they were also paying me, millions of dollars, just like throwing millions of dollars at my face for what I didn't think was like good promo. They didn't really know how to activate my audience, they didn't. But listen to me and my creative input when they were throwing me all of this money. And so I
Just saw how they were Miss spending money and saw the opportunity in the market to enter in and just do everything completely different in a, in a, in a vertical that I love, which is sports. I think that's where like the passion has to be there. If you're really going to like, change the world with a company. And yeah, I
Is that like in short is sort of why I'm going all in, on better,
you mentioned changing Sports, once you conquer boxing. Would you go try to play in the NFL and be a golf like go play? Some other
sport or what's the plan? Yeah. Yeah I think I could see myself for sure and like three or four years going and trying to get on an NFL team in Africa.
Yeah. What position slot receiver most likely? Because I'm decently fast, fast enough to be a slot receiver, I can catch and my height and weight like fits that position the best. And I would want to score a touchdown. I wouldn't want to be on defense and just like, not be able to get a touchdown. So, would the haters be louder for boxing or you on an NFL team?
Probably me on NFL team. I think, I think, again, people would be like, oh, you can't play football, you're not people. Don't think I'm an athlete like
Genuinely so that they wouldn't believe or think that I was actually going to go and do
that. Yeah. And then on the business side like what do you want your legacy to be? You want to be a billionaire? Do you want to build a billion-dollar company? They what are like goals or the things that you wake up? You know, like made it be cool to accomplish
this, I think, yeah, the the challenge of creating a billion dollar companies, like real life, the hardest actual game in the world like it's like real life.
Lee, how do you, how do you play that game and and be successful at it? And I've always just wanted to do it because I've always said, if that guy can do it then why can't I? And I think it's fun to like figure that out and it's the ultimate Challenge I believe, and that's what wake that's what gets me excited. Every day is just having a challenge in front of me to chip away at slowly.
but yeah, I mean, I don't know, I think there's so much
There's so much that I want to do. I think, were my legacy when I think about my legacy, I think about changing the Combat Sports mostly and leaving it in a 10 times, better place than where it started and helping Fighters, and getting Fighters paid more, getting them long-term Health Care advancing, Sports Science within the sport, because of the dangers that surround it and make.
I'm sure Fighters, you know, continue to continue to have proper Health after they're done fighting because right now there you're just on your own. It's like you're done fighting like you kick to the carp and I want to open up more and more boxing gyms. We've opened up three already and working on a couple more. As we speak that are being built, just for kids to be able to go to for free. And that's
Through my Foundation, boxing bullies and helping people get into the sport and fall in love with it because of how it changed my life. I believe it could change so many other people's lives and then just helping people like Amanda Serano who
You know, she was underpaid, you know, is one of the best fighters of all time but never really got the recognition and just bring in a spotlight to Two fighters like her and making her dreams. Come true has been super fulfilling for me but
Yeah, that that seems to be the Legacy and I think I would love to like have a family that to me is really
Have to be boxers the kids?
supers then boxers. It just gives you
the box straight to boxing. I'll be there promoter. They'll sell hella pay-per-views just because their name. So you'd be like Barb all yeah. Literally, that's exactly what I'll be. You
ever seen the clip where he walks onto the ESPN set and he's got a big as La mellow maybe and they're walking, they're just like, man. That's not, that's not dead, like
Like he's the NBA player. Yes,
yes, main character energy, that, that is a thing though, is I would let my kids play basketball, basketball, basketball or boxing my balls. Just like so much injury. Yeah. And you know, you don't even you can't even see their face so it's just not good for
Branding. You and Logan fight. Who
wins me?
He agrees,
I think so, yeah, I've seen him seen him talk about it.
On podcast. I think he he always says like right now he would beat me but I think if we if we actually were to fight then I would train and then I would come back and win. How many
pay-per-views do you do if you to get in the ring together? It's that is that the biggest fight
it. I think it is