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1515: The Best Form of Exercise for EVERYONE
1515: The Best Form of Exercise for EVERYONE

1515: The Best Form of Exercise for EVERYONE

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Justin Andrews, Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer
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Mar 22, 2021
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If you want to pump your body and expand your mind, he's only one place to go Mi Nam bind up with your hosts Sal de Stefano Adam Shaffer and Justin Andrews. You
just tuned in to the world's number one fitness health and entertainment podcast. This is mine pump. Okay, in today's episode we talked about the book that I wrote that is now out for pre-order the resistance training Revolution. We hope this book makes a
huge impact and so in this episode we talk about this book in the process of writing this book, by the way. It's available for pre-order so you can go check it out at the resistance training Revolution.com. Again, that's the resistance training Revolution.com. Also this episode is brought to you by our sponsor PRX PRX makes some of the best exercise equipment you can put in your home gym anywhere I have in fact it have squat racks that fold into the wall.
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Japs hit the second program that's on sale is Maps split and then the bundle that's on sale is the bikini bundle go check them all out at Maps Fitness products.com and use the code spring
break. Guess what? It's a big day
son inciting. I know it's exciting. I don't know if I'm
more excited than you are not I feel like I am yeah, I'm high sounds like downplaying are
you I'm hyped man. I'm really yeah kind of a
big deal it is it's
exciting the
You know, I've put you know words to paper and it's going to be out pre-order this went as of the dropping of this
podcast. You working publish. That's a big deal. It's cool. It's pretty cool. A lot of people in our space not knocking anybody either write books and they self publish which a more power to you, but for someone to pay you to write a book, that's
a big deal. Yeah, it's cool. It's a It's actually an honor. I'll be honest with you guys is Justin was really jealous about it for like months when he we found out. So angry.
was easy. Oh, man. Yeah, like five bucks. You
know, I will say that I'm honored to be able to represent the team with the book. That's a big big honor for me. In fact, that's what made me nervous to do it because I you know, I want to make you guys proud and do well for you guys because of how much I really
like I do. We know I couldn't do it man. All right good.
I don't even know how to spell anymore. Did you know that? No, really?
Yeah, that's some call spellcheck man. Knew it. I should've wrote the black.
Haha. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, but it'd take me four times as long for sure.
Yeah. No, not
really. Not really. So I you know, what? What's kind of cool about doing this episode. Is that even though obviously we know about it. There's a lot of the process that you know, I don't know about like you've really handled this on your own. I know you had it.
You had an agent right that supported you our legal team supported you we're all so busy doing different things that you just kind of took that on your shoulders that you'll handle that side. So I'm actually kind of excited to talk to you a little bit about what that process was like in let's start first with why why this title why this book
right? So, you know, I when they approached us to you know to put together something in writing in a book to help people.
This is going to be something with fitness and health. That's my expertise. It's what I enjoy my passions about. I wanted to write about there's a problem with the health space at large in the big problem. Is that the the first line of exercise right the first recommendation that doctors and health practitioners, maybe except for personal trainers will make to people regardless of what their goal is whether it's weight loss or improving their health or getting better lipid numbers or the
Stir all or blood pressure. It's almost always never the most effective form of exercise for all of those things which is resistance training and this is a big problem as trainers. We saw this all the time we knew we saw the power of properly applied resistance training now when teaching all those things, what's your theory
on why that is and do you address that in the book? Like, what will I do? Okay, you do. Yeah. I do. There's a lot of
stereotypes around resistant strain. We have to go if we go back to exercise and
In general exercise was was recognized as a way to improve your health a long time ago, but it really was focused around just being active right hiking or climbing or running or playing sports. The wasn't really a structured structured forms of exercise aside from that resistance training was one of their newer forms of exercise that was kind of put together, even though different forms of resistance training has been practiced for thousands of years we have
Evidence of dumbbells bait being used by the Greeks and the Romans but still really wasn't a form of exercise until much later and the people who popularized it at first were the extreme versions of people who did who lifted weights which were bodybuilders, right? So in the really the first time it really went mainstream. Well, if you go back even further actually go back to the 50s and 60s those Muscle Beach kind of B movies were not super popular.
They're out there right with you know guys like Dave Draper on the beach and these kind of muscle that's and on the whims. Yeah and The Stereotype there was the Meathead the dumb whatever what the big muscles then you had pumping iron that came out in the 70s with Arnold Schwarzenegger. And that was a documentary that went relatively mainstream got kind of popular. So the people connected resistance training to bodybuilding to looking like these extreme humans with big huge muscles there. It wasn't about
hell that was about looking a certain way it was and so it developed a stereotype and till this day. This is something that you have to combat with resistance training that it's not just for first of all, if you're training and building muscle, you are a bodybuilder right not up competitive bodybuilder, but you are building your body actually any time you exercise to train your body in a way to get it to adapt in a favorable way to improve its Health you are building the body, but when we think of lifting weights still in
Maybe not us but to the average person right go talk to your aunt or your uncle or someone who doesn't who was in a fitness fanatic when they think of lifting weights or resistance training. They think of bodybuilders. Yeah, and so it has this stereotype that has prevented so many people from literally of all the forms of extra and I get into this real deep in the book of all the forms of exercise that we can pick that will combat all of the problems that were encountering especially in modern times. One form of exercise is
Most is the most well suited to combat all of those things by itself resistance training. Just the most effective. Unfortunately, nobody, it's Nobody Does it as the first form of exercise in still? It's one that's not even a mainstream form of
exercise. Yeah. It's interesting to look back at sort of the timeline of what was popular. What was mainstream like if was it the 60s into the 70s where you started to see this big running initiative. We're like culture was all about getting out and then running and then and then you kind of move into
Words like the 80s where it was all like this Jazzercise is aerobic sort of effort where everybody thought that was the way that we're going to stay in shape
and be healthy. Yeah. So in fact Justin my inspiration for this book The reason why I named it, the resistance training Revolution was in the in the 70s. There was a book that was put out. In fact, if you saw the cover of this book, you'd probably recognize it's called The Complete Book of running and it's got like a lower leg in a running shoe. It was called the running.
Lucien no, no, it started the running Revolution the book the book is called The Complete Book of running and when this book came out it started this huge Trend that were still in even today of people running for fitness and it was had a huge impact on there. It is right there. I mean, I know you guys have seen the yeah. It's an iconic book and it got so many people to lace up some running shoes and go and run to become fit. So I said,
No, I would like to write a book that would do this for resistance training mainly because resistance training the benefits you derive from it everybody surpass any other form of exercise by itself, when you compete in a head-to-head competition for actually any goal and we can get into this. It's the best form of exercise and so I'm like, I want to defeat The Stereotype. I want the average person to to when they think to themselves I need to get fit.
Think resistance training not other forms of exercise which nothing necessarily wrong with them. They're just not nearly as effective.
How did they get the medical community though behind running is the main form of exercise. It couldn't have been because of this book is it because we just didn't have the technology that we have today to be able to measure a lot of the things that you get as far as the benefits from is
this is Charlie's on resistance training for health were way behind minimal way behind right the studies we have
idiots had like a lot like further.
Hanson us. Yeah, the studies around resistance training really revolved around performance. They revolved around Olympic weightlifting and athletes. They didn't do a whole lot of studies on health. Yeah. How does it improve bone health? How does it balanced out hormone interest? How does it burn body fat? Do you
know when that started to get more popular? We're seeing a lot
more stuff from the 90s and then especially now in today, but now we're doing this bat this fight this this were fighting The Stereotype still. I mean you guys know this
In this is even worse for women women have suffered the most from this terrible stereotype that surrounds resistance training, you know this till this day this is still an something you have to overcome when you talk to the average woman whose fitness goals are whatever lose weight improve health, whatever you have to almost talked her into lifting weights in a traditional way because her fear is that she's going to look like a bodybuilder or like a man or bulky or
whatever the irony of that.
Though is there's a part of me that was is kind of grateful for that. I mean, this is also an open up the door or the opportunity for trainers to be able to teach that to that demographic right and and know that when I introduced this to her she is going to see results. Like she's she's been running and dieting for the last 10 years of her life trying to get to this weight or this look and she has no idea that I'm going to teach her, you know these exercises that she's there completely foreign to her.
Her and I know from my experience that our bodies going to morph and change rapidly like she's never seen before so there is a part of me that's like you're frustrated as a
trainee. Look I got this magic
thing that you can do right that you know, you knew you had that in your back pocket that you're going to be able to teach them if you could convince them, right because there was a hurdle that you had to overcome. There was a few barriers there and it's it I think it looks really daunting to your average person and that's why running I think was just an easy sell because anybody could just get up and start moving and see.
Thing with aerobics was you don't you don't need to really Master a lot of technique like you do with resistance training, but it's not as complicated as is being promoted in the stigma that kind of has followed that has been to our detriment
is absolutely look UK even the clients that we got that approached us. They still don't make up the majority of people that decide that they need to start exercising to improve their health, right the I think of people like, you know, my aunt's well.
No Mom literally.
Yesterday K. So literally yesterday my my brother-in-law his girl his girlfriend just bought the book. She also like a week ago purchase Maps anabolic and she also listen to her first mine pump episode and it was the the woman the fitness woman's 41 that we just recently did which covers I know a lot of points that were talking about. Now. This was her and mind you she's part of our family. She hears me talk. She's around us all the time. So you just assumed that the the everyone's connected to me should know all this stuff. It's not true at all.
What she said to me was she goes he was so crazy out of his there's a stocking it literally yesterday. She goes it's so crazy. I was following maps in a ball of this last week and she goes and I was the whole time. I was questioning it. Why am I doing this? This is like nothing. This is not how I would normally train. I hope this works resting so long. Yeah, and then she then she listen to the episode. She's like it all said she had this Epiphany at all it all came together for her. She's like, oh my God, I had no idea. I'm so glad I listened episode and that's what soul also trigger will buy the book Paul.
Pop culture and media plays a huge role in this if you think of all the movies that we grew up watching in the 80's 90's 2000s and even today whenever they portray a fit woman, how do they portray her working out? It's never resistance training. It's never with weights. It's always some form of cardiovascular training yoga or something. It's like it's almost like and they've done such a disservice again, especially for women. They have they have
Drawn a line and said these are feminine ways of exercising and these are masculine ways of exercising now even with men there's a stereotype because even if you get the average guy who says, you know, he goes to the doctor and the doctor says a you know, John your blood pressure is a little high you need to start exercising is okay. I'm going to start working out. I'm going to go get on a stationary bike or I'm going to go walk on the treadmill and then you talk to him. Let's say he's your uncle and you say hey, why don't you lifting weights? Oh, I don't I don't.
Need to not trying to get big doctor just says I need to drop my blood pressure and lose a little bit of way. It's such a massive. It's such a huge stereotype problem and it's an issue because it is preventing people from really improving their health in the most effective way possible especially and here's the kicker it's when you consider the context of Modern Life, this is why this is why reason one of the reasons why resistance training is the form of exercise everybody should pick because if you look at
Modern Life, there's a few characteristics that surround it that make it Modern Life. One of them is were extremely busy. Okay, we're very very busy. Our days are packed with more shit than ever before work and got to drive my kid here got to bring them their got this schedule got this doctor appointment. We got dinner. Then we go to bed. This is true. Now, if you look at people today versus people 15, 20, 30, 40 50 years ago. We're just busier in our schedules kids, even for
all they talk about how kids don't have a lot of free time anymore everything scheduled for them. So we're very very busy, but we're also simultaneously extremely sedentary life has been made very physically easy for us. The markets have done a good job of taking the physical out of everything. So and we know this the average person takes what how many steps a day Adams like mm. Yeah. It's less than 3,000 less than 3000 which is like a what a 30 minute 40 minute walk. If right it's crazy because I 31.
30 minute walk and you'll reach all the steps someone does typically an entire day. So you're busy as hell you're very sedentary but there's more there's more to this you also have you are surrounded by very inexpensive very easily accessible heavily processed hyper palatable food. So now we got all this food that's around us that's really easy to eat where if I want to eat something it takes me five me. I can order it to my door and I can have Chinese food or Mexican food or cookies.
Or whatever I want. So you've got those things in combination. What are they? What do they end up producing? Well, they end up producing a body that has very little muscle. We know muscle loss is is terrible these days osteopenia is at all-time highs especially for women. This is bone loss women in their 30s and 40s are showing up with with bone loss men have way less strength today than they did before lots of food. So we have lots of obesity on top of it. So what you want is you want a
Form of exercise that counters those things but here's the kicker. It can't take a lot of time and this is the problem with other forms of exercise other forms of exercise approach this problem by making you burn a lot of calories while you do this activity, but you can't do exercise, you know, an hour or two hours or three hours every single day when your schedule super packed. So what we need is a form of exercise that takes less time, but that also teaches our body to burn more calories and counters bone.
Loss muscle loss loss of Mobility by the way, the vast majority of injuries and pain that people experience today is a result of inactivity loss of strength. It's not the result of injury. In fact kids now go to the doctor because of back pain and it's not because they're lifting heavy things because they're sitting down all day long. Yeah. I wanted to
ask you to as you're going through this process and write in the book. I know there's a few studies that came out that even like proved how muscle tissue was protective and it had all these like Health qualities to it.
Besides, you know, obviously the strength and and all these like, you know performance
characteristics. Yeah, so I'll go over some that I think people get shocked by it right there was this there was some studies done comparing cardiovascular activity. So like your traditional running swimming biking whatever to resistance training on Fat Loss. Now we've seen other studies that show that resistance training is more effective for fat loss mainly because it doesn't cause you to lose muscle if anything it causes you to build muscle in the long term.
ERM resulting more fat loss. But with this studies what they did is they looked at the fat around the organs and the heart and they found that resistance training was Superior for burning body fat around the organs. This visceral body fat has can cause big problems is this is the kind of fat that causes health issues. Here's another one. This is a big one. Now. This just came out. I just someone just sent this to me. They did a meta-analysis on resistance training versus stretching for flexibility, which
Is going to be better for flexibility guess which one wins proper resistance training now, that's that's counter to The Stereotype again. What's the stereotypes to the central nervous system? It does what's the stereotype of resistance training lifting weights? Yeah
tight shortened muscles. It doesn't make you
more flexible. If anything it makes you tighter not true full range of motion resistance training improve flexibility better than stretching because what you get with resistance training is you get functional flexibility so although
So stretching may make may get you to the point where you can sit down in a full squat only resistance training will give you strength so you can handle load in a full squat for example, and what causes injury its mobility issues which comes from a combination of either tightness looseness, but it's always lack of strength always lack of
strength. Now what when you look back after doing all this right after riding it and assess your book in comparison to our peers, right? We have a lot of friends that wrote books in the space.
And there's that there's tons of Fitness books out there. What is it that you think is so unique and different about what you wrote verses what you know say one of our buddies like Mike is written for you know, his book like what's so different about you know, your book in comparison to all the other Fitness books that are out there. Well, it's
how I talk about resistance training how I talk about exercise. By the way that we in the book. I talk a lot about a lot more about other things as well. I talked about nutrition how to approach that.
In an effective way how to have a you know produce a good relationship with food how to get yourself to the point where this is a this is long-term and not just short-term things that we've talked about on the show in the past like, you know, exercising and eating right because you love yourself not because you hate yourself why motivation is not something should rely on talk about all these things in the book, but the main difference is I am trying to talk to I am not trying to talk to the fitness fanatic. I'm not trying to talk to
to the fitness Enthusiast. I'm trying to reach the unreachable person. This is a very difficult task. I'm trying to reach the person who would never consider resistance training at all. Those people who you know, we've for years tried to reach and tried to get to to do these things.
So that's what I was fishing for because I feel like you know, we've all read a lot of the fitness books that are out there. And again, we have a lot of friends and peers that have them and I feel like majority of them are speaking to Fitness.
It's already absolutely people that are in the gym. Yeah, I mean, they really get into the science of macros and like strength training and periodization and like, you know, really get into a high level and I think that appeals to other coaches and trainers and other real Fitness fanatic people that are already in it and are looking for the next level of education and I know when you went after doing this that's not who you are wasn't your demographic? Yeah. You were like, that's not that's people I had
in mind were
Were people everyday average people the the majority the vast majority of the people who are suffering health problems due to Modern Life right now the Obesity epidemic right the diabetes epidemic the the osteoporosis epidemic all these, you know, basically all these terrible health issues that are that are resulting from the way we live now and Modern Life is a majority. It's everyday average people who don't know the difference between a barbell Lon.
And a good morning probably don't even know what if I said that to them they probably wouldn't do those exercises are right. Those are the people that I'm trying to reach with this book. I'm also trying to reach Fitness Fanatics and health enthusiasts who this is my experience. This is also your experience. I'm a fitness fanatic. I'm a health Enthusiast. Do you know how long I've been trying to talk? Yeah family members into exercising the right way. What if there was a what if there was a book? What if there was something that I could give them that does a really good job of it?
It simplifies everything. Yes and just like his really direct. Here's the nuts and bolts of what you need to do. Ya like hey check out this book. It's a health
book, you know, see how you feel about it or as a health Enthusiast or Fitness person myself or even as a personal trainer. I wanted this book to be able to give ammunition to trainers and fitness Enthusiast so that they could read this because here's a here's the thing that you learn as a personal trainer. I mean we must have said this a million times on the podcast what?
Makes you effective as a coach or a trainer is less of the knowledge that you have. It's more of how you communicate that knowledge. Can you get that person to really understand and take in what you're saying and apply it very very difficult to do if anybody was a train was listening knows exactly what I'm talking about. You could you could speak information till the cows come home. The person is not going to do it or does it really believe it you're wasting your time. So how you communicate is super super important? And so I also wanted this book.
Look to be able to give people better tools of communication so that the trainer could read this book and say okay. I see how he said that this is how I'm going to talk to my clients to get them to make these decisions, you know for
themselves and I think it's just helpful for anything it anytime you're trying to sell somebody on something you want to be able to present as much value as possible. And I think this is another one of those things like if if that's a concern of yours is to get one of your family members or somebody involved.
In an exercise program or something that's effective. You need to be able to like provide good points and things that resonate to them and it doesn't happen right away. So this is another one of those things that creates an opportunity for other conversation where they can understand it a bit further and then actually like own into it.
Well, I just wish I wish you know and against my wish right for the book. It's like I wish people knew that because I trained we all train a lot of people everyday average people the people that were talking about right now most
Of them. I'm not going to lie. Most of them worked out twice a week. That's it. They worked out with me once a week and once on their own or they worked out with me twice a week that was two days a week. So I wish most people understood that you could just work out not that that you can do more more would be great as well. But let's be honest the average person as we know is not going to devote any time to daily structured exercise just not going to happen. I wish most people knew that they could work out a couple days a week and reap tremendous benefits from a form of exercise.
Sighs that they probably didn't even consider, you know, I mean, it's really
quite ambitious of you to try to attempt to do you do somebody needs to do it? I know I just it's it's I don't know if the audience even realizes how difficult this is going to be right because you're not Target everybody else in the space targets the the 20% of the population that's already into their the easy. It's the yeah. They're they're already consumers of shooting fish in a barrel bunny any sales and marketing guy will tell you that it's always
easier to sell to somebody who's already bought something already from you versus going out and getting a cold leading converting. It's really going to take all the coaches and trainers and people that listen to us getting this for their clients getting this for their family members and their friends and really helping push it out into the mainstream people because that's who you're targeting. You're really going to needs a movement behind. Yeah, and and hoping that they're going to walk through Barnes and Noble or scour Amazon and find a book and then start reading it.
Really really tough know the really the
idea is that this book opens doors for me to get on other platforms. My that are more General populace. Yeah. So exactly my favorite form of communication is obviously talking right if I can get on if I can get in front of people and talk about this book and talk about resistance training. I feel confident. I'll get enough people to be interested enough to grab it and
Read it and I think that'll be the most effective way to make this impact along with the fact that we have a huge audience of trainers and fitness enthusiasts who have been listening to us for a long time. And here's a deal trainers have the biggest impact on the health of anybody in the world. I was a trainer. I know this there's nobody that'll there's nobody that will change a life in terms of their health more effectively than a good personal trainer. Not even what we do on the podcast comes close when you a good trainer who has ten clients.
Do a good job with those Clinton clients will fundamentally change those people's lives in very very big life long ways. And if those people can get this book and give it to the clients and the clients and give it to other people. I think that's another part of the strategy that can be effective
now selfishly. I want to hear your experience of writing the book and everything from negotiating the money for it. I want to hear about what that was like because I know that took some time. I know you had to hire somebody to help help with
That there's a lot of legal stuff that was involved. I want to know what it was like to sit down and like get in the mindset to write it the time it took like what tell me all about them. Well, so
the publisher has shet approached us and you know, they said that you know, they want to work with us to put together a book and we have talked about you know me writing a book for a long time. I've just never written anything that long in my entire life. I've written all of our guides and I wrote I write blogs but a book is a completely different animal. So they
Approach us and I said, you know what? Absolutely I have there's something I would like to write about but I I did not know the space at all.
So okay when they approach you they didn't have we want you to write about this. They just said they reached out and said would you like to write about okay, so you had that kind
of so, I basically pitched this idea to them. Yeah. It was one of those that was one of the first conversations and I got on the phone with their the one of their editors and you know part of their marketing team and I see
Sold it to them and they loved it. They loved the idea. Then the next step was negotiating you no pay and all that stuff and that's when I got the agent because I have there's so much. This is a whole new world that I don't know. What's good. What's not good? I don't know what to negotiate.
So and when he talked to you, did he share with you? Like what's reasonable because it's your first book deal. Right? So it's not like you're Stephen King I'm saying I know so, yeah, so did he like talk to you about that? Like hey, this is good. This is not good or
the agent did yeah.
Agent was really good. Right? So Rick is his name really really good and he was just he was I know he's a pain in their ass because he constantly going back and saying no we want this we want that and I would ask him, you know, anyway got to the point where I trusted him so much that I would say if you think it's good then then then we'll do it because he was that he was that in depth with everything that he was representing. So that was an important part of the process another part of the process was working with someone to help with the writing of the book because I've never written
Something this long and put something together like this before in my entire
life, which is interesting to me because you ride all of our content. So all the ebooks and the things that we have out there. You're the one who rips all that. You don't have a Ghostwriter doing in that stuff. So I thought it was interesting that you had a Ghostwriter that helped write this. Yeah. I didn't write the book for you. You still roam. No, it's my
words. It's all my words. And so what we would do is we would I would write I would give it to her or we would have conversations. She would write send it to me. What do you think we go through things together?
It's doing it on my own would have taken a lot of time. And obviously we still have the show. We thought my pop I have kids. And again, I've never done anything like this
before. Well, what parts of that would did you see the most value in her like would you do something and you would like oh, this is really good. And then she would you give it to her and then you would get it back and be like, oh shit even better than yours. Yeah, and then here's what's really
cool. Is that because we have so many podcast and we already have so much written content. Anyway, she would go through and read my blog and read your flavor.
My guides and then she put things together. She send him to me and then I change him and tweak them and she did a good job of capturing my voice. I mean it is my those are my words and my voice in the book. So that was another part of the whole
process. Was there anything in particular that stood out about having her that was like really amazing or awesome that really helped whatever. Well,
she's written Fitness books in the past and she's also a fitness fanatic. So it was really cool was having her go through listen to the podcast or
Read some of the stuff I row or us discuss what we're going to put in the book and her coming back and getting her and basically telling me her mind was blown. Oh, that's cool. Yeah, so she's like, oh my gosh, this is incredible or wow. This makes so many information for ya. Oh, I been doing this wrong or whatever. In fact, she started following our programs
because it lets made such a positive a so
cool. And it obviously of course makes me feel good because she's you know, she's done this for a long time and she was being quite quite genuine. So that was the first bit of feedback in fact was from her, but if
Course she's working for me. So part of me is like is she saying that
she's joking my egos? Yeah, I'm paying
her. She just she's real good. Yeah, the next bit of feedback I got was when we had the first like kind of edit put together a whatever and I sent it to my aunt's who never lift weights, right? They never they know I work out and do the whole thing, but they don't they don't do in that stuff. So I sent them all copies and they'd read it because I'm their nephew or whatever and then I just didn't say anything while see what happened and then they started getting questions from them like hey,
I want to start lifting weights. Do you think this is a good schedule which one your program? Should I follow so I'm like, okay, this is good. Yeah, it's kind of working a little bit got some great feedback from the guy who works for the publishing company for when I did the audio version. So and that's a whole nother thing, right? They said we want to do and we're going to do an audio version do You Want To Be The Voice reading the book? I'm like, why can't I have to be I have a podcast it would be weird for someone who listens to the show to buy the book and then here some like British, dude.
Reading the bush. What was his what was his title? Because he does this with other books, right? He's in there to sit in and make sure like, you're pronouncing words correctly and all that kind
of yeah, so it's kind of interesting, right? So the schedule was I come in here. Actually, I was supposed to go to a have a recording studios that you go to and they rent them or whatever and you go in and do your
whole thing Doug's like fuck that. We got the shit. Oh, yeah. We had a lockdown. I'm like, we have a profession. We have a Doug we have a
professional podcast. Like can I do it in my studio? So I have to go somewhere.
Somewhere so they had dug send in some audio and I think Doug you sent an audio of nothing, right? You just hit the recorder and they want to hear the
background, right? Yeah, they wanted your voice and they also wanted nothing in the
background. And then what they do they told you what I don't know what the hell I
have. Well, yeah, there's a couple things so our studio is good, but it's not perfect. One of the things that is with you is that your voice projects a lot in right now, you're sitting in such a space that your voice bounces.
Off the back wall, which is the green screen. So we put you in Justin's chair so that we had foam across the way from me to help, you know, minimize Reflections that must help you quite a bit. We took your mouth away from the microphone to cook. So right now with the podcast everybody's really up on their mic, so I don't have to turn up that What's called the gain so much and get a lot of crosstalk on the microphones. We put you back about 12 inches from the microphone to minimize the P sounds and that type of thing so it was a little bit
Different process than what we use for the podcast. Yeah. So now were they in it? Were they happy or impressed with the sound or were they like Whoa We would rather. Well, they approved it approved it. I haven't heard anything back from them, which is actually a good
sign. Yeah, so and then the schedule was I was to come in here we would get on like a zoom with the person from the publishing company and what they do is they listen in and then they'll stop me and say something like hey, can you say this more emphatically or can you
You know, it sounded like a you ended this sentence in a question, but we want it to be more of a statement or now. I pronounce this
wrong. I had to do this with dug a little bit and that was really hard for me to do is that did that come natural for you? You know, I
was nervous. I was nervous going into it because it was 3 days 9 a.m. To 3 p.m. With a break for lunch for 30 minutes. So I had to sit in the chair and read from 9 a.m. To 3 p.m. Out loud, which I'm like I don't know if my my attention can handle that. I don't know if my brain can handle.
And we'll just just doing that. So I was nervous. I've never done anything like that before so I started it he gets on great super nice dude. And I mean he gave great feedback first. He said he said I did a great job. So he said you did you're doing a very good job better than most people which I thought was awesome. And then as I was going here's best part of feedback, I got from the book as I was going. He's not even you know, he's not somebody I gave the book to he's just listening because he's listening to read it. Right as we're going along and everyone so always pause. He's like, oh man, I'm sending this book to my
Wow, when you said this, what did you mean? Oh, this is awesome. I can't believe I'm doing this wrong or whatever. That's he was super into it after we were done and then afterwards he's like I'm going to make sure that they get you to do another book. This is this is exceptional. This is the kind of book that we need to get get out there. That's also really really high. That's cool out that
after one. That's how it do your way better than I am. I didn't even I had to do like a paragraph right for we are marketing stuff and Doug would Adam you need to be more more lively or more depressed more sad. Look, I don't want to fucking do that. You're saying I'm just I'm reading these
Words that that was half of them were mine half of them are not and trying to do that. I struggled a lot with that's
not easy. No, it's not it but and I don't it's not something I would ever want to do like for a living hell. No that took a lot of energy dude after I was done I got home and I remember I was just
like what would you say was my motivation? Yeah. Well, what would you say was the most difficult part of the entire
process whoo, you know easily it's you know, it's interesting when we first started the podcast and we would put
Episodes I remember there was an initial kind of feeling of like, oh my God, it's out there. What we said is out there right people going to hear what I'm saying? And you'd get a little bit like I'd get like a tiny bit nervous, but then I was like, yeah, whatever right because nobody had expectations who's all new because we're established and because I'm representing the team there's much more expectations believe it or not. The hardest part was my own psyche. The hardest part is okay. Am I going to do a good job?
Job, you know are we going to is it going to you know perform am I going to represent the team properly? Like that was the hardest part of the whole put
a lot of pressure on yourself. Totally very different from anything I've ever and was that like the whole process you were like that or is it just the beginning to get you started? You were like hung up on that order where you constantly kind of question
every step. He has like that every single style. Yeah. So I'd say that that was all probably the hardest the writing it was was fun. You know, it's I'm talking about things I've been talking about for
Forever so it's easy for me to get it out and to get it out in a way that I'd want it on paper. You know, it's like it's funny you look back at your at your life. And then you realize all the things that you did to prepare you for whatever moment you're in at the moment and communicating to clients and you guys know exactly what I'm talking about like training people for that long. You really figure out how to say what you need to say in a way that gets
People D gets it to resonate that's really what you figure out as a trainer more than anything. Well, if you don't you're not successful you can't yeah, it's on saying if you've been a trainer for ten ten or more years, you've lasted that long because you care about people, you know way a trainer would last longer than a couple of years. If you care about betrayed that kind of the job is just using with different personalities. Nobody wants to listen to what you're saying you fail a lot in the beginning if you don't really love helping people you're not going to last as a personal trainer. So if you've been training for 10 years, it's because you love helping people
People and because you love helping people you're constantly evaluating how effective you are. Am. I really getting people in shape. Why is it that people lose weight? And then when they stop working out with me, they gain the weight back, you know, I really want these people have long-lasting results. I could other angle. Can I
present this Court's going to
resonate? Yeah these meal plans and giving people they fail every single time. Why don't they doing what I'm saying? This crazy calorie-burning workout that I'm doing where I'm having people jump rope and jump over benches and you know, do all the stuff is why are people dropping off?
If why aren't people improving their health like you got to keep examining? Why is it that people won't change their diet. I'm telling them what not to eat. They just don't want to listen to me. It's you go through the whole process and So eventually you really figure out how to communicate in a way that gets people there. And so, you know, the writing this book was just literally a culmination of just all
that now, I'm also curious about and how much I don't know how much of this you know, but obviously a big goal would be to make this a best-seller, right?
That would be awesome. And I know there's like certain timeframe. There's certain rules like we can't go take a bunch of our money and go buy a hundred thousand books ourselves and then get make you a bust up that people have done right so that they have things in place to have protections against yeah they do so you can't use that doesn't help you. So but I do know that there's a lot of people one that listen to the show and that would love to support any way. They can I've got a ton of family both on Katrina side and my side that I'm kind of rallying right now together to try and help and support.
Support this so we can get this thing out there and make it a best-seller. What are the best things that I can do or we can do to try and boost those numbers and get as much momentum
as we can. You know, I'd say, you know, obviously get yourself a copy and get some copies for your friends and then in convinced talk to people about doing the same. I mean at the end of the day the book itself is going to have to deliver right people are gonna have to read it and it's either going to make an impact or it's not it's either going to fall in that discount bin at the Barnes & Noble of all the
Fitness and health books that you see in that, you know, I every time I go to a bookstore, I love bookstores. I treat him like libraries are go in there and read I almost never buy anything. But when I go in there, I always visit the fitness and health section and you see that the the way books keep recycling through there and how many of them don't make much of an impact and then to make matters worse the ones that do tend to become best sellers are terrible their gimmicks, they're fads, they're weird diets. And so it's either going to make an impact and it's going to change.
Change how people view resistance training and exercise and health in general or it's not and if it does then I think it's going to do in a big way. I
think you should do a Justin Timberlake move. What's up, you know, that is no so you when it gets out in Barnes & Noble, I think that you should go randomly. Okay, but a little to spin like he what he did was he show up at a Barnes & Noble he'd go in and he'd signed seven copies and then he would tell her but in a social me where is that? You should do the same thing, but like a nude photo of yourself, so you should show up at random.
He wants to have it
show up in random Barnstormers bleaches hair and like a mint or something. Yeah slide some nudes in there. Tell everybody where it's at and then see how many books we could sell that. Hey, I bought this Fitness but some old
guy, but if some old guy put his naked picture of something
else going on. No, I'm not gonna hit you. I'm not going to do that at all, but maybe sign then okay, you can sign some books and I think that's a cool idea do that and they still sign books. Of course, they do still.
Oh, yeah, I know he just did that. Like I think that happened last year whenever he released his latest book and I thought that was really clever. I was like, oh, that's cool. Right? Yeah. I mean if you were already a big fan you already planned to buy it and then you see the oh shit. He's in my town and went signed seven you like you're rushing down there right away.
I just you know, I just have this dream that that and I think it's coming to be honest with you. I think it's coming. Anyway, I think whether it's book does well or not. I think it's happening anyway, because the studies are becoming overwhelming the evidence is just huge and the
Shifting I don't know how long it's going to take but I think is gonna
happen. Whoa wait to where we've seen this in just our two decades. I mean we talked about this on the show all the time that you know, and it's not an exaggeration when we say that nobody even uses a squat rack. No, I mean, none of my trainers. I didn't know nobody did members did it. It just collected dust one one guy a week used it
maybe you know, so I remember too when I when I ended my career as a trainer a lot of my clients at that point were were doctors. I used to my studio was next to a hospital. I had a
Of Surgeons vascular surgeons general surgeons. I had a lot of anesthesiologists and hormone doctors and you know because I was once I trained one they referred their friends and they all came to me and then they started referring their patients and they were always so in this just highlights what I'm talking about. They were always so blown away by the the health improvements of themselves and their patients through resistance strength. They used to tell me that like, you know, I'm sending you this patient that I have who has high blood pressure.
I never would have normally recommended resistance training, but I've seen what you done with me. I'd like to see what you can do with them and then within a few months, I'm getting a report from them. They're like, I can't believe what's happening with with my patient that I sent you. This is blowing me away and they would just continue to refer people to me and I have this again I have this dream and I think it's happening anyway, but I do have this dream that at some point, you know modern medicine when they recommend you go exercise they say we want you.
To go do resistance training which by the way can be performed with your body can be performed with bands. Of course, you can use weights or machines by the way in the book I put workouts in there as well actually put programs in there. So there's a program that is with just bands. There's a program in there with just dumbbells and then I put a full gym, you know full home gym program in there. And so that's really my dream. My dream is that and you know, it's extreme resistance training is extremely customizable. This is what makes me
Set about modern medicine. They know this if you get physical therapy for an injury or a problem physical therapist do resistance training with you. That's what they do. They don't do other forms of exercise because they know why because you can customize it to the individual like no other form of exercise that exists. I can't do that with any of the form of exercise but resistance training, so my dream is that it becomes the form of exercise that's recommended and it my dream is that it's it's
when you know ladies are hanging out with each other for you know, Sunday Funday and the way we all need to start working out and instead of saying let's all go for a run. They all say our join that club I got some dumbbells. Let's go lift some weights get army. That's my dream. So look, mine pump is recorded on video as well as audio. So you can find us on YouTube. We also have a lot of free guides that you can find at mind pump free.com. And then finally you can pre-order this book right now. It's called the resistance training Revolution. There's some cool offers going on right now.
Because it's pre-order go to the resistance training Revolution.com. Again, that's the resistance training
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